Retail & Promotional

We have solutions for everything from product identification through in store promotional solutions increase consumer appeal and to meet the promotional needs of today’s brands, we coat pressure-sensitive films for virtually any surface, from walls to windows and floors to shelves.

  • IRC Coupons
  • Membership cards
  • Floor Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • Shelf Marking
  • And many more……
Retail & Promotional

Durable & Outdoor

Durable goods and outdoor labels must perform consistently throughout a variety of hostile environments, conditions, and temperatures. We offer a range of pressure-sensitive materials that are durable and comply with stringent standards and service requirements like BS5609 certification.

Our solvent-free label materials are resistant to many conditions, making them a great choice for all durable applications.  We have products designed to withstand heat, chemicals, solvents, water, mechanical strain and challenging outdoor conditions. 

  • Window Decals
  • Boat Labels
  • Temp Tags
  • Bottle Labelling
  • Floor Graphics
  • And many more……
Durable & Outdoor

Medical & Safety

The health and safety industries demand a wide variety of functional films and PSA label materials, many with unique qualities for highly specialized applications.  Requirements for material used on blood bags, wristbands, medical tapes, and similar applications must be durable, flexible, and safe to use in a broad range of condition.  

We also offer products for use in today’s growing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market designed to address emergent needs in the healthcare setting by enhancing safety and protection.

  • Direct Food Contact
  • Skin Safe
  • Blood Bag Compliant
  • Face Shield Film
  • Anti-Microbial PET
  • And many more….
Medical & Safety


We make label materials and transfer tapes that meet today’s stringent industrial requirements. Our products for industrial use have a wide range of applications, from high-durability labels for chemical drums to consumer goods.

Security labels help to protect high-value goods and prevent counterfeiting for items such as pharmaceuticals and electronics. Void labels, tamper-evident seals and tamper-proof labels help brands improve consumer safety and safeguard goods from counterfeiting and inventory loss.  

  • Brand Security Labels
  • Two Liner Transfer Tapes for RFID production
  • Void Tamper Feature
  • Rainbow Holographic PET
  • And many more….
Industrial & Security

Consumer Package Goods

Consumer goods manufacturers want product labeling and packaging that clearly express the brand’s identity to the consumer.  Our labeling materials for food, health and beauty can be affixed to glass, plastic and paper containers at grocers and retail stores.  

Our selection of films and adhesives conform to unique container shapes and we offer label solutions approved for direct skin contact, direct and indirect food application.

  • Hi Gloss Metallic Paper
  • Rainbow Holographic PET
  • Skin Safe Adhesive
  • Direct Food Contact Adhesive
  • IRC Coupon Labels
  • And many more…
Consumer Package Goods


Our selection of transfer tapes can be applied to the back of the area where a label will be created.  We offer transfer tape with adhesives that are permanent for applications like shipping labels, or removable for oil change labels, as an example.

  • E-Commerce Labels
  • Insurance ID Cards
  • Membership ID Cards
  • Laboratory Labels
  • Clean Release Cards
  • Piggyback Labels
  • Wrist Bands
  • And many more…
Integrated Forms and Cards

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